The Brück company’s practices and standards are designed not only to protect and safeguard people and the environment, but also to meet or exceed requirements stipulated by law or regulations.

In order to achieve these objectives, Brück will identify HSE risks arising from our activities and reduce them to the lowest practical levels. Our goal is to minimize impact to the environment and to prevent harm to our employees, our clients, our communities, and all others who could be affected by those activities.

At Brück, we are committed to continual improvement in the health, safety and environmental domains by:

  • Providing a safe and healthful workplace
  • Prevention of pollution
  • Continual improvement of HSE performance
  • Compliance with any legal requirements and regulations and development of corporate initiatives

Fulfilling the expectations customers have and the demands they make of our products, and meeting what is required of our products as a result of laws and standards, both internal and external, is our prime goal.

An important part of Brück corporate policy is providing for emergencies and hazardous incidents, and minimizing the effects of such on its own employees, those from other companies and people residing in the vicinity.