Brumag Clamping SystemMagnetic clamping systems with unique patented construction made by Brück.

BRUMAG RADIAL Clamping systemProducts


  • Magnetic chuck for carousel turning machines, drilling centres, etc.
  • Applications: turning, drilling, milling and grinding
  • Clamping range: Ø250 – Ø4000 mm (see Product information)
  • The size, clamping range and other parameters as well can be customized

BRUMAG RADIAL Clamping System


  • Magnetic chuck for milling machines, grinders, machining centres, etc.
  • Applications: milling, grinding and drilling
  • Standard types from 250 – 1000 mm (see Product information), modular concep

Magnetic clamping systems BRUMAG are based on electropermanent magnets. With a short electrical impulse the workpiece is magnetized and clamped to the machine table with a power of up to several hundred tons. During the machining process the connection for power supply is not necessary. A sophisticated control unit ensures high process safety and zero residual magnetism in the workpiece after machining process.


  • Complete service after guaranty period as well
  • Maintenance and repair works for magnetic chucks from other producers
  • Express service
  • Technical questionnaire