• Bearing semi-shells for drive shafts (propulsion systems)
  • Sealing covers and connection pieces for submarines
  • Connecting nozzles for product lines, on-deck loading nozzles
  • Seamless rolled rings for pivot bearing of deck cranes
  • Seamless rolled rings for anchor winches
  • Rotation symmetrical forgings for pressurized component parts
  • Seamless rolled rings and discs for manholes

FPSO’s (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading vessels)

Brück has made a name for itself with turnkey constructions of high-pressure rotary components for the worldwide offshore oil and gas industry. The so-called “Swivel Stacks” permit oil and gas producing vessels (FPSO’s) to turn and weathervane in rough wind and weather conditions, being connected at the same time to a high pressure flexible piping systems (riser0 reaching to the sea bottom.

Brück’s know-how in the swivel stack business is set up to realize the complete value added chain as turnkey projects:

  • Forging and ring rolling
  • Machining of all components
  • Weld overlay cladding of components in contact with aggressive media
  • Super finishing to a few hundredths of mm
  • Assembly of the complete swivel stack
  • Functional tests under pressure, simulating real operating conditions
  • Manufacturing of the corresponding steel structure
  • Assembly of the turrets including production, hydraulic and electrical swivels as well as the complete piping.

The design comes from Brück’s customer side. During the design process, the feasibility from the forging, weld cladding and general machining / production standpoint is being checked by Brück experts. The final design is subsequently adapted to the practically feasible.


  • Seamless rolled rings for rotors of jet propulsion
  • Seamless rolled rings for housing of space rocket engine (Ariane)
  • Booster rings for Ariane launch vehicle