For the most demanding forging jobs, Brück utilizes its 8000 Ton forging press with 64 Ton manipulator ensuring the ability to forge the largest and heaviest products.

Brück can supply you with a large range and variety of forgings, in an almost unlimited range of materials. With forgings from just a few kilo’s up to forgings weighing 40 tons, we can supply whatever desire you have!


With its modern ring rolling facilities and techniques, Brück is considered as one of the world-wide leading companies in the field of ring rolling.

Starting from billets, forged bar, continuous cast or square bar, Brück produces rings up to a maximum outside diameter of 6400 mm and a total height of 1750 mm in one of our five ring rolling units. The maximum radial width is approximately 1000 mm and the maximum weight of a single unit is 30.000 kg .

These measurements include bearing rings, impeller rings, valve components, closures and rings for drilling equipment or casing connectors.

Our seamless ring rolled pipe connections perform a variety of vital functions in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, but are also applied in the field of power generation, load transmission, deep-sea & subsea and machine building. Anchor flanges and swivels also find their way into the offshore applications, off course in accordance with your requirements.