In pursuing its strategy of providing complex turn-key components from a single integrated source, Brück began in the 1990s to supply complete installed and tested assemblies, including installation on site in some cases.

Component assembly, max. unit weight: 50 tons
Fabrication of complete systems including organization by Brück of third-party technologies (grinding, hardening, etc.)

  • Pressure testing:
    • Standard up to 600 bar
    • Possible for special screwed fittings up to 2,000 bar (assessment of technical characteristics is required)
  • Tightening torque testing: max. 600 kNm and 100 tons total weight
  • Hydraulic and electro hydraulic control systems (in association with partners)
  • Paint finish of components of 25 tons max. (in association with partners)
  • Erection and assembly team for supporting customers on site

Brück has made a name for itself with the turn-key construction of high-pressure turret-moored components for the international offshore oil and gas industry.

Brück serves customers in the offshore industry in their swivel (stack) projects, providing services along the entire process chain:

  • Forging and ring rolling
  • Machining of all components
  • Weld-cladding of components
  • Assembly of the completed swivel stacks
  • Pressure testing under simulated conditions
  • Fabrication of the steel structure
  • Assembly of the stack, including production, hydraulic and electrical swivels and electrical & hydraulic supply systems